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Australian Dictionary of Biography articles:
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Policeman William Thomas Brooks (1889-1943)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Policeman Alexander Mitchell Duncan (1888-1965)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Policeman Thomas O'Callaghan (1845-1931)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Policeman David George O'Donnell (1860-1946)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Policeman John Ronald George Salisbury (1921-1980)

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)  Article written for the Light House Bulletin about the ghost at the Point Hicks lighthouse.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Initially a Qantus inline flight magazine article.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Article on Leomin Hodge (developer of the Poorinda range of Grevillea hybrids).

The Police Association (Victoria) Journal articles
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Wildcat Strike: the story of William Thomas Brooks - May 2009
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   The Beach Inquiry - June 2009 page 22
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   A paper they can call their own: The beginnings of The Police Journal - July 2009 page 22
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   The Police Journal: A chronicle of Association news & views over 90 years - August 2009 page 20
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   W. D. "Bill" Crowley - September 2009 page 25
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   First of three parts of an interview with "Mick" Miller - October 2009 page 14
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Second of three parts of an interview with "Mick" Miller - November 2009 page 12
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Third of three parts of an interview with "Mick" Miller - December 2009 page 13


Links to My Past

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - East Gippsland Shire.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)  - Gippsland Coastal Board.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - HRH Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conference.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - Gippsland Community Leadership Program.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - FBI National Academy Associates.

Links to My Current Interests

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - Resources for those with interests in local and family history in Gippsland, Victoria.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - Gippsland Heritage Journal.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - Lighthouses.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) - Gippsland Country Life

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 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Biography
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Publications
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   John Flynn at Buchan (online article)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Point Hicks Lighthouse (online article)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Snowy River Bandit (online article)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Grape Growers and Wine Makers (online article)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   John Henry Harvey (online article)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Remembrance Day Address (online copy)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Charabancs to Chardonnay Address (online copy)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   The Victoria Police Strike - 1923 (online copy)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   In the Shadow of Ned Kelly (online copy)
 BlueBall.gif (924 bytes)   Daring to Delve (online article on the Buchan Caves)
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